Welcome to Riverfrog Publishing

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We deliver workshops/readings in schools, libraries and community centres. Through our workshops we aim to:

  • To teach children to accept and celebrate other cultures through literature.
  • Empower children to be proud of the African ancestry and to educate other children about Africa so they can grow up with a more positive view of Africa.
  • To not only allow children to develop an understanding and appreciation of other cultures but to also identify and emphasise with them. 
  • Help children to foster positive attitudes of other cultures.


All school workshops involve a reading of a chapter in the books by one of the authors. The authors also allow time for the children to ask questions about the book or African cultures. Our authors are DBS formerly CRB checked, and aim to to share our love for Africa through story telling.


We provide readings in libraries and book signings for children to hear a reading from the authors. This allows young people and their parents to meet the authors and ask any questions they may have about the book. In addition, we hope it will also encourage children and young people to use libraries more often. Through our library readings, we hope to inspire tomorrow's authors and encourage children to believe in themselves.

For workshops in schools, libraries or community centres, email us at: [email protected]